Our Principle

We are always thinking of ”How Design contributes to our lives.”

“Good design” gives you a lot of joy.
And when the design comes up to “Art”, your life will be something full of exploration.
Design exists in everything, from the small things such as pen, up big things like the cities.
And it also exists in various media.
What we are good at is the design of architecture and something near the scale of architecture.
We will collaborate with the client and sometimes a variety of specialists, as to play a help to enrich your life.


Miura koumuten new office building

This project aims to reconstruct the Miura Koumuten HQ building bringing together the currently dispersed and out-of-date offices.
The interior will have three blow-bys vertical flow line, while the workspace will have an open construction that can be taken in with an unbroken view.
The double wooden lattice facade will provide a degree of visual and psychological distance to the residential area.


Kameari Katori’s 740th Year Anniversary,
Kameari Katori Shrine Project

This is a project in celebration of the 740th anniversary of the enshrinement of Kameari Katori Shrine, including rebuilding of the shrine office building, the construction of a cafe, barrier-free access to the precincts of the shrine, and illumination.



This is a building next to the main building, and is a “detachment,” designed with a garage, business office, and guest room. The garage is a hobby space for cars, bikes, and training.

The guest room, with high side lights on each gable and a large opening facing the balcony with RC louvres, is both a place to entertain guests and a theater.



This a three-floor, reinforced concrete housing complex with 19 units, located along the Keisei line, and a five-minute walk from Keisei-Takasago Station in Katsushika ward.

When taking an outbound train on the Keisei line, go past Aoto, cross the Nakagawa River, and you’ll see it on the right-hand side.
Enter the Takasago area, and you’ll see this building right away.
However, we thought the reverse concept, “See this building, and you’ll know you’re in Takasago,” would make for a better design.



This house is located in a residential area in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. The area is called “Isshu teiso jukyo chiiki” literary translated to “category 1 low rise-rise exclusive residential districts” that have mostly 2-story or 3-story houses.
The owner of this house is a couple with two children.


A House in Yamate-cho

This is a two-story house with one basement floor in Yokohama city.
By creating a full-privacy patio, light reaches the first floor, and a bright, open lifestyle is made possible.

The second floor is a unified living space with an excellent view that, depending on use, can be closed off with sliding paper doors, making it applicable to a diverse array of lifestyles.



Surrounded by buildings on 3 sides, this 5 story RC apartment building is in a central residential area facing a road on the north.

Apartment buildings in crowded areas tend to have windows facing the road for lighting and evacuation reasons.

Plots facing roads on the north tend to be across from buildings with southern facing windows, making privacy difficult.


A House in Makigahara

This is a two-floor,1.5 family house in the residential area of Yokohama city.

The first floor uses sliding doors to create a barrier-free unified space that can also be divided into smaller spaces depending on the time of day or use.

The main part of the second floor is a “one room” style space with visible roof frames, with a large walk-in closet below the loft and a bathroom.



A YADOKARI x SuMiKa collaborative project. “Want to make a shed?” campaign.
YADOKARI produced the “Office Pods,” and our office handled the design.
Nasurin Construction Company was the client, and the construction was carried out by a workshop-style DIY in which YADOKARI and our offices joined.