About us


We are always thinking of ”How Design contributes to our lives.
” Good design ” gives you a lot of joy.
And when the design comes up to “Art”, your life will be something full of exploration.
Design exists in everything, from the small things such as pen, up big things like the cities.
And it also exists in various media.
What we are good at is the design of architecture and something near the scale of architecture.
We will collaborate with the client and sometimes a variety of specialists, as to play a help to enrich your life.

Office name Asai Architects,LTD. / Registered First-class architect’s office, Japan
CEO Masanori Asai
First-class architect office registration Tokyo Metropolitan Regristration Number 60137
Head office location 〒108-0014
Oka bldg.4F, 4-7-6 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014, Japan
Branch office 〒108-0073
1-3-24-2101 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014, Japan
Servise Details

– Housing, Office, Music Hall, Theater, library, Shops, Public building

– Planning phase, design phase , application, construction supervision

– Renovation planning and design

– Interior planning and design

– Event and Art planning and design

– Analyze and Advice of the land for build

Email info@asai-architects.com
Website asai-architects.com
Major prizes

 2013. Award of excellence, Architectural Institute of Japan Idea Design competition – Landscape of city with farm – Setagaya home and landscape


 2019. JAPAN WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 “Miura koumuten new office building”

 GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020 “Kameari Katori Shrine”.

 Japan Association of Architectural Firms AWARD “Excellence Award” “Kameari Katori Shrine”.

 Wood City TOKYO Model Architecture Award, 2022 “First Prize” “Miura koumuten head office”

Member profile
Masanori Asai Principal architect / CEO / First-class architect, Japan
1974 Born in Toyama, Japan
1998 Graduated from Tokyo University
2000 Master’s degree in Tokyo University
2000 to 2013 Chiaki Arai Urban and Architecture Design
2013 Asai Architects
Yuri Asai Architect / First-class architect, Japan
1985 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
2007 Graduated from Tokyo City University
2010 Master’s degree in Yokohama National University
2010 to 2012 Chiaki Arai Urban and Architecture Design
2013 Asai Architects
Daisuke Ueyama 1989 Born in Tochigi, Japan
2015 Drop out Chuo University
2018 Graduated from Waseda University Art and Architecture School
2018 Asai Architects